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        -  UPDATED: Removed outdated information   

Q1. What types of consults are available?

1. Face-to-face consults 👩‍⚕️

2. Phone consults ☎️  (optional)

Face-to-face consults are the BEST option for your medical care.

Phone consults impose certain restrictions on clinical care:

  • eg. audio-only consult,

  • impossible for Dr Mei to perform a clinical examination,

and are hence

  • completely optional, and

  • only available from your 3rd appointment onwards.  

All appointments are now face-to-face by default. 

1. Face-to-face consults 👩‍⚕️  -- What happens in your first two appointments?

In your 1st appointment:

  • Dr Mei will perform a comprehensive history and clinical examination, and provide an initial management plan.

  • A face-to-face consult is necessary to complete your initial clinical examination, to record your initial weight, and for optimal management initially.

  • She will also introduce you to your personalized Weight Management Folder.

In your 2nd appointment:

  • Dr Mei will review your medication food, mood and activity diary, and

  • Provide you with relevant dietary, exercise, psychological or medication recommendations. 

2. Phone consults ☎️ (optional)

Phone consults ☎️ remain available, and are completely optional. 

You can request for a phone consult when you book your next appointment, provided that:

  • this is your 3rd appointment (or later), AND

  • you do not require any services requiring face-to-face contact. 

A few examples of services requiring face-to-face contact: 

  • Clinical examination by Dr Mei

  • Access to her weighing scales

  • other situations where Dr Mei has told you she needs to see you face-to-face

After your phone consult:

Scripts and letters:   sent via postal mail. 

Handouts:                  sent via postal mail.  

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Q2. How much does a consult cost?

1. FOR MOST PATIENTS: Consults will be charged at Dr Mei’s Standard fees. 

Standard fees:     no change  

        -  This means a gap fee of $63.75 (Standard) for most appointments   (Appointment 1 & 2 cost more).    




Concession fees:     REDUCED Gap fee ✅✅

        -  This means a reduced gap fee of $43.75 (Concession) for most appointments   (Appointment 1 & 2 cost more).   

Dr Mei is aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant number of her patients may have 

        - lost their jobs, and are now on JobSeeker payments, or 

        - their small business income has been severely affected and they are now requiring JobKeeper assistance to pay their staff

To assist these financially disadvantaged patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, 

        ✅ Dr Mei has Lowered her Concession fees permanently —  now $20 lower than Standard fees

        ✅ Dr Mei has Significantly expanded the Eligibility criteria for Concession fees 




        - *NEW* Patients who have lost their jobs, due to COVID-19 layoffs

        - *NEW* Patients who are currently receiving JobSeeker payments

        - *NEW* Full-time students (including University/TAFE/school full-time students)

        - Pensioners, and Health Care Card (HCC) holders


If you have any further questions about your fees, simply ask our friendly receptionists

        - Clayton rooms reception: 03 9594 2461

        - Frankston rooms reception: 03 8763 3999


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Fees FAQ

Last updated: 01 Jul 2022

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